Welcome to BridgeUP


BridgeUp was founded by Helen Gurley Brown and launched with and inspired by a group of high schoolers from the Bronx. Today, we are a multi-year, multi-disciplinary educational and professional program based in New York City and expanding nationally. We focus on education - for youth from low-income communities, for middle and high school girls interested in STEM fields, for college and university women leaders, for women scientists. We do it all. We collaborate with the finest institutions, organizations and companies to transform our students into scholars, our fellows into successful leaders, and help them all reach their highest potential.  We're creating and inspiring the next generation of thinkers, creators, industry leaders and change-makers. All of our programs are tuition-free and we provide full support - financial, educational, mentorship and more - to help every scholar and fellow pursue every passion.





The New York Public Library's after-school program provides high school students with long-term mentorship, academic support, and access to engaging learning opportunities that foster academic independence, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. 



The Wellness program understands that students are more than grades and test scores. We focus on the best ways to support emotional and mental well-being, ensuring that every scholar develops skills and techniques to maintain a balanced, and healthy life.



Based at the American Museum of Natural History, STEM teaches coding, programming, and other computer science skills to girls and young women. This program gives young women the chance to work with top scientists in the field of their passion.



Created as part of the Glassbreaker Films initiative, The Film Program provides Oakland Area high-school girls with professional training in visual storytelling. Scholars learn how to create short documentaries to tell stories of importance within their community.